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Out of my own interest, i have taken ELECTRONIC AND COMMUNICATION as my major in engineering. where ever you go, you can see electronic and you need the communication. More over today no one can say a place without electronics and living without any communication is highly impossible,even now,i too cannot share my
 ideas over here. when ever you need advancement in any field, the first option will be switching to electronics.Microprocessor & controller are rocking this world. This is what made me to like electronics more and now you would have got why i have given MY ELECTRONIC LIFE as the title to this blog.

My living town is madurai, a very beautiful place. It has many more nice names like temple city, sleepless city and so on.. Because you can see at least a temple in each street and  famous MEENAKSHI AMMAN TEMPLE is here, you can see
people working even full night. Madurai is also very famous for jasmine flower.It has more tourist place like Meenakshi amman temple, Gandhi museum, Thirumalai nayakar mahal, so on....

Then I'm interested in chatting with my friends on any topic,since they are the beautiful part of everyone's life, I have no words say how necessary is friendship. everyone knows it,hope every one feels like me.

I like to gain knowledge, so I use to read and when ever I get chance to speak with special people, I wont let them go before getting answers for all my questions(doubts). Speaking with people and getting knowledge through chats are better than gaining knowledge through books because we can easily clear all our doubts.

And I like to try things practically what ever I have learnt as theory. Because when we start working out something practically beyond our syllabus, we will learn more and we wont forget easily.

Then i have created this blog to improve myself, learn more things and to gain knowledge.. Friends,as i said to improve myself... pls leave your foot prints as comments/feedback on all my post, at least a word... say what ever you feel... because that will make me to improve... send your ideas,share your views on the posts...

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Hi everyone,myself Alagappan...electronic and communication engg. student... living in madurai... interested in everything... want to achieve something great in my lifetime...


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