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Get it on Google PlayOct 2011, I started my career with android, and it is been one and half years. For Last one year, it is been a dream for me to open developer account in GOOGLE PLAY. But days passed in search/in learning for new idea, concept and bla bla. Now, I can't control my interest to enter into Google Play as a developer, so I planned to publish something. I went through my pass-time work in android; I had code, which I wrote to transfer text in Bluetooth. Of-course, this is school days program. But my interest asked me to give a touch to it and released it in the Google Play. So, I did the same...


"Wanna talk in classroom? Wanna chat in meeting hall? Or Wanna share the secret?
Let us help you now @ any place (@ close range).
One easy and smart way to talk, when you can't talk.
Keep talking... keep enjoying..."

This is how I have started my first app in Google play.

It is a basic Bluetooth chat app to communicate with a friend at short range. It will search the discoverable devices in the short range. It will show the list of devices, from which we can select and communicate.

There is Limitation/Requirement in it since it is half done. It supports only when the app in foreground and one-to-one connection only. Give me some time; I'm trying to remove the limitation and requirement in it.

Now this work is motivating to do more and taught me to create a real time work. Hope, your support will also be there :).

Special thanks to Dipta Pandit help me in designing work...
Get it on Google PlayThanks to my friends for supporting me...
Thanks to Eclipse and Google...

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