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Our project running android along with Windows is grown up (Running Dual OS in parallel). The time is rushing to release it to the world, but we have to get the license for it to release it in the Android eco-system.  The first thing comes into the play in getting the license is CTS. Fortunately, I got the chance to study and run CTS in our project. Now, here is what I understood and doing in CTS...

 Android Compatibility Program 

The Android Compatibility Program defines the technical details of Android platform and provides tools used by OEMs to ensure that developers' apps run on a variety of devices. The Android SDK provides built-in tools that Developers use to clearly state the device features their apps require. And Google Play shows apps only to those devices that can properly run them.

An "Android compatible device” is the one that can run any application written by third-party developers using the Android SDK and NDK. Google use this as a filter to separate devices that can participate in the Android app ecosystem, and those that cannot. Devices that are properly compatible can seek approval to use the Android trademark. Devices that are not compatible are merely derived from the Android source code and may not participate in the Android app ecosystem.

In other words, compatibility is a prerequisite to participate in the Android apps ecosystem. Anyone is accepted to use the Android source code, but if the device isn't compatible, it's not considered part of the Android ecosystem.

Devices that are Android compatible may seek to license the Google Play client software. This allows them to become part of the Android app ecosystem, by allowing users to download developers' apps from a catalogue shared by all compatible devices. This option isn't available to devices that aren't compatible.

Now, for our project to become part of Android Eco-system and to use Google client software like Google play, maps, etc. we need to pass CTS test.


Android Source tree has the source for cts, we just need to build it to use it.

make cts” will build the cts and the output will be available in the path “android/out/host/linux-x86/cts”.


Copy the android-cts folder from the output path to windows and run the following command in the command prompt.

set SDK_ROOT=C:\Users\AMI\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk

java -Xmx512M -cp C:\Users\alagappanr\Desktop\android-cts\tools\cts-tradefed.jar;C:\Users\alagappanr\Desktop\android-cts\tools\hosttestlib.jar;C:\Users\alagappanr\Desktop\android-cts\tools\ddmlib-prebuilt.jar;C:\Users\alagappanr\Desktop\android-cts\tools\tradefed-prebuilt.jar -DCTS_ROOT=C:\Users\alagappanr\Desktop\

Change the SDK and CTS path accordingly before running above lines.

Once you start the cts, it will provide the cts prompt “cts-tf >”.

NOTE: Device should be connected via adb throughout the test.


Few important commands are,

·         “help” and “help all” will show the commands and its usage.
·         “exit” will exit the cts prompt.
·         “run cts” command
run cts --plan test_plan_name: run a test plan.
eg. run cts –plan Android : to run android test plan.
run cts --package/-p : run a CTS test package
eg. run cts –p : to run package.
run cts --class/-c [--method/-m] : run a specific test class and/ormethod
run cts --continue-session session_ID: run all not executed tests from a previous CTS session
eg. run cts –continue-session 5 : to continue session 5 unexecuted cases.

Rest of the command signature and usage are shown once you run help command.

CTS Result

Test result will available in the folder “android-cts\repository\results”.

To view the test result, Open the testResult.xml generated in the folder “android-cts\repository\results\date_time”.

So, What you are waiting for... send the result to google, get the license and get google client software & service for your device and release your product in the market... :) 

Yep it is easy to say the last two lines.. But difficult to implement...

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