Camera Subsystem for Android

Hi Frinds,

Today I got a chance to explain the camera subsystem implement in the android to my colleagues.
Now, I'm just putting the overview of the Android camera subsystem here for our future reference.

  • All Camera Activity will start from the user applications. These Applications will call the Android Framework API.
  • Android Framework API is just a wrapper to the JNI layer, since we can’t implement and include JNI in the all application.
  • JNI is a mediator between the JAVA API and NATIVE CAMERA API CPP files. It will just pass the calls from JAVA to CPP file.
  • This NATIVE CAMERA API will interact with the Camera Service to access the camera Hardware, via the binder.
  • This Camera Service started by media service at the start, will communicate with the HAL layer.
  • This Camera HAL will speak with the driver to get the work done in the Hardware.
  • Camera Driver is the kernel driver; it speaks with the Hardware to get the work done from it.
  • Hardware is the real camera in the device.



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