This is my first paper.. with my friend saravana pandian.. We just want to learn and do something.. Fortunately we got this topic and we took seminar on this topic in VELAMMAL COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY,madurai.. I'm saying it as seminar because we understood the concept and we explained it there,we didn't add anything new to it..
Everyone there were interested to listen this because it goes like a HOLLYWOOD scene....

Can we make computers "see" and "feel"?
Is it possible to create a computer which can interact with us as we interact with each other? For example imagine in a fine morning you walk on to your computer room and switch on your computer, and then it tells you “hey friend, good morning you seem to be a bad mood today. And then it opens your mail box and plays your favorable songs and tries to cheer you. It seems to be a fiction, but it will be the life in the near future. We all have some perceptual abilities. That is we can understand each other’s feelings. For example we can understand ones emotional state by analyzing his facial expression. If we add these perceptual abilities of human to computers would enable computers to work together with human beings as intimate partners. The “BLUE EYES” technology aims at creating computational machines that have perceptual and sensory ability like those of human beings.
This is achieved using the facial recognition, eye gaze pointing, speech recognition and other sensors
Principle behind the blue eyes
In order to create such a smart computer, the computer must understand user’s emotions and interest without giving any manual information from the user describing his emotional state or interested.
1. To achieve this we use the facial recognition and other physiological measure to detect the user’s emotional state.
2. To detect the user’s interest and to make the users pointing work easier, we go for MAGIC eye pointing technique.
3. To give the ability for the smart computer to understand the user’s language and perform operation as per his speech, we add speech recognition alone with emotion and magic technique.
Ø Generic control rooms(system can be applied in every working environment requiring permanent operator’s attention)
o power station
o Captain Bridge
o Flight control centers
o Operating theatres-anesthesiologists
Ø The Simple User Interest Tracker (SUITOR)
Ø Blue Eyes can be applied in the automobile industry
Ø Video games
Future application of blue eye technology is limitless.
This ensures a convenient way of simplifying life by providing more interactive and user friendly facilities in computing device. In near futures, ordinary house hold device-such as television, refrigerators and ovens may be able to do their jobs when we look at them and speak to them.


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Hi friend this paper is really like a holly wood movie keep on posting.... And i am eager to know more from you da....

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