can one say me,how many you use .com in your life time?
can one say me,i don't know what .com is?
here a amazing fact about it....
last march 15th, our .com celebrated its 25th birthday... i express my belated wishes to .COM....

In 1985 mar 15, the first website named symbolics.com was registered... but at that time very few people aware of it... it is not published in any media...but today more than 80 million domains are been registered...Yet, some of the most popular websites today were registered late into the .com era. Youtube.com, for example, wasn't registered until 2005. Twitter.com was also registered after the .com boom.

In 1985, after registering symbolics.com... next site was registered after one month and less than 100 sites were registered in a year...but according to-days survey nearly 6 lakhs sites have been registered every day...

While Symbolics the company didn't fare well, symbolics.com remains as the oldest .com and was purchased by Aron Meystedt, owner of XF.com in 2009.

for more information:http://www.25yearsof.com

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